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The Beauty of a statue lies in the ability of its sculptor. Every sculpture was a rugged rock some time ago. Every butterfly was a caterpillar. Every flower was just a seed. That's the case with leaders. Leaders are not born. They are created and developed through a lot of processes. The clay, without any objection, willingly submits itself into the hands of a potter. Similarly if we submit our lives into the hands of the Almighty God, He is able to create a leader in us.


These are the last days. What we lack in the church is not preachers or prophets or choir leaders or musicians. We lack HEALTHY leaders. There is a great need for godly leaders with good character. We at Lead Nations only facilitate the work of God in the lives of people who are willing to undergo that process. A healthy leader gives birth to a healthy family, a healthy family will give birth to a healthy community, a healthy community will give birth to a healthy nation.

Founder President

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I should have been charred to death by an 11,000-volt cable, I should have been drowned in the river, I should have been killed by a wrong medication, I should have lost my right leg, I should have been crushed under the rear wheels of a bus, I should have been crushed by a concrete slab and the list goes on. I was kept alive for a purpose. The purpose of life gives the reason for every season. Life without purpose is meaningless. A purpose-driven life is filled with many turns and bends that will bring unexpected experiences. We can never understand the purpose at the beginning. We may have to wait till the end to get the full picture.

I have been rebellious, disobedient, flirtatious and rude. My character wasn’t great. I got lost in an unknown town, I ran away from home and also have failed in romance during my younger days. I was publicly removed from a responsibility during my school life because of the complaint that my public speaking and reading skill was very bad.  I have felt lonely, misunderstood and was singled out. I was even asked to get out of a local church because the pastor misunderstood me. I did not know that I was chosen for a greater purpose in life. I did not want to pastor a church. I also felt that many youths that I had mentored in the Lord had forgotten me.  In all of these I have begun to see that God was allowing me to go through these experiences.

I decided to be fully involved in God’s Mission.  In the month of June 2000, I stepped into missions by assisting different Christian organizations and also few pastors in Mumbai till the year 2008. Soon Lead Nations was born as a result of all the experiences God had allowed in my life. On the 8th of July 2010 Lead Nation was established. I am passionate about Church Growth and Church Health. I believe that a healthy church is possible only if that congregation has a health pastor. A healthy pastoral leader can develop other healthy leaders in a local church. My mission through Lead Nations is to equip and strengthen the body of Christ to lead nations. Therefore I am involved in training, mentoring and counselling all levels of leaders involved in a church.


Preach the Gospel, Teach the Word and Disciple those that believe.

Then send them to do the same.

 Johnsy John


Spiritually healthy Leaders in Every Nation

Our Vision is to raise an army of leaders that are spiritually and biblically healthy. Every nation must have men and women that places Bible as a guide to make decisions and are led by the Holy Spirit in executing those decisions. They become leaders because of their Spiritual, Moral and Ethical standards that are based on the Holy Scriptures "Bible". Leaders, who are able to impact their marketplace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and transform their societies both socially and economically by being a servant leader.


To Equip and Build the Body of Christ

We are very keen on fulfilling our vision through the missions we do. Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the Bible to all those who are ready to become disciples. We teach and train pastors and other church leaders to become effective Christian leaders. We plant churches and also associate with churches that needs our cooperation. Our heart goes out to the present young generation too. We get involved in youth camps and Bible study seminars.

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